At $2500, I knew the AquaCure model AC50 was beyond many people’s budget, so I also sell books and kits to help people who cannot afford the AC50 build their own Brown's Gas Electrolyzers.

Brown’s Gas Book 1 mostly explains the theory of Brown’s Gas. No need to purchase it if you are just wanting to build a practical electrolyzer.

Browns Gas Book 2 has every detail needed to build a Brown’s Gass electrolyzer of any size. I recommend purchasing the optional Resources as well.

My bedside ER50 Brown’s Gas Electrolyzer

The ER50 Kit contains most of the basic parts you’d need to build a tabletop Brown’s Gas electrolyzer that provides therapeutical quality and quantity of Brown’s Gas.

You do need to buy some additional parts (see the Assembly and Operation Manual and video links on the Sales Page).

ER50 Flat Plate Kit Mini BG Electrolyzer

Warning: The ‘home built’ electrolyzers are NOT optimized for safe health application. They will make the Brown’s Gas, but you need to operate and maintain them

carefully for your safety. Here I’m inhaling the Brown’s Gas for the first time in March of 2016.

Some people even make a business of ‘building their own’, like this fellow.