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You NEED to read operation manual update notes below the video to correct things like ONLY 80 grams of lye!



Properly Install The Tower Cap On the AC50

Make sure your Tower Cap base Union base is sealed properly and that you install and remove the Tower Cap using the Union ring, so you do not need to keep re-applying the Teflon Tape.
DO NOT ’torque’ on the Tower Cap to install / seal the base fitting; doing so will ‘lock up’ the Union Big Ring, requiring wrenches to loosen it.

If you have ‘locked’ the Union…
Put one wrench (like a Water Pipe Plier or a Vice Grip) on the bottom Union piece (screws onto the waterfall stem) to HOLD IT from turning.

Put another larger wrench (like large Water Pipe Plier or Pipe Wrench or Strap Wrench) on the BIG RING and turn counter-clockwise.  DO NOT put a wrench on or touch any other part of the Tower Cap.

In the future, install the Tower Cap as per this video and it won’t lock up and you won’t need wrenches.

AquaCure AC50 Rinsing Technique

When Rinsing:
To dissolve soap formations you need water in the 120° F to 140°F range.  The water must be hot; warm water does little.  Remember to trade out the hot water within a minute or so (at first) because it will cool quickly as it heats up the components.
You Fill the AquaCure to FULL with HOT water (6 to 7 cups).  Then alternately and SLOWLY lift the front and back of the machine up to 60 degrees to ‘wash’ the HOT water up and down in the Sight Tube.
You need to change out the HOT water frequently because it cools off quickly and warm water does little to dissolve soap.
NOTE: If the HOT water doesn’t ‘’reach’ the tight tube, doesn’t wash’ up and down in the sight tube, it CANNOT clean the sight tube; if you are not getting the water washing up and down in the sight tube, it’s likely due to a plug or restriction and that needs to be fixed ‘manually’; ask for instructions.

Note: I occasionally get an ‘air bubble’ in the tube (so it will seem that the sight tube and/or ball is not ‘registering’ the actual fluid level correctly).
Generally air bubbles will eventually clear on their own, but you can ‘hurry’ the process by filling the AquaCure with solution.  Then alternately and VERY SLOWLY lift the front and back of the machine up to 60 degrees to ‘wash’ the solution up and down in the Sight Tube, washing out the air bubble(s) and the ball should float properly.