Who We Are

Eagle-Research is a world-class leader in practical Brown's Gas technology that improves lives. The modern AquaCure was developed from 40 years of R&D

My Mission is to Improve lives

Hello, and welcome to my site. I’m George Wiseman and I’d like to teach you about Brown’s Gas.

Brown’s Gas has the potential to Change the Life of everyone who uses it…
And it can be made in ANY home… From WATER!

Brown’s Gas can be used to help bodies return to health (from nearly any ailment) and extend healthful lifespans by 30% to 50%.

Brown’s Gas has many other world-changing applications too, like reducing fossil-fuel consumption (homes and vehicles), neutralizing concentrated nuclear waste and as an excellent torch fuel-gas.

Brown’s Gas is also known by trade names such as HydrOxy, HHO, and OxyHydrogen.

Brown’s Gas comes from the electrolysis of water in electrolyzers specifically designed to NOT separate the resulting gases.

Brown’s Gas is not new. In the early 1960s, the late William Rhodes (a rocket scientist) first patented Brown’s Gas.
From the 1970s to the 1990s, Yull Brown promoted it worldwide. He planted the seed that is now caught root and will change the world.

I began researching Brown’s Gas in 1986 and have become a world renowned expert.

While Brown’s Gas has unique properties with many practical uses, it’s also had its fair share of people promoting myth applications.

With my research and development, I’ve dispelled the myths with scientific evidence and learned to design machines optimized for a variety of useful applications;

First, I show that Brown’s Gas is a mixture of six different constituents, three of which are expected, and the other three unexpected.

Second, I demonstrate the Astonishing Practical Applications of Brown’s Gas.

I hope you have fun learning about this life changing gas.