About Me

I (George Wiseman) started life as a Rancher's son, building fences, riding the range horseback, roping cows, etc. All the usual stuff.

I was up before daylight 4:30 AM and work until ‘can’t see’ everyday.

The Ranch was far in the bush, with no electricity (no radio or TV), no running water (we used an outhouse) and in the winter we melted snow for water, bathed in a tin tub in the winter and in rivers and lakes in the summer.
We’d go to town once a month to buy supplies.

The ‘Ranch House’ we lived in was a 25 foot square Trapper’s Cabin that was built in the 1800’s. There were 9 of us plus the dogs and cats living in that house. The four boys slept in the attic (each had a corner) the three girls in one bedroom, Mom and Dad had a room and then we had a kitchen and living room.
Yes, we were ‘dirt poor’ so I know what that feels like. In school, the kids would laugh at the clothing my Mom made for us…


It was a hard life, but a ‘clean’ one. I was in great physical shape and we ate well. Mom had a big garden and we lived on wild game that we shot as needed. Didn’t eat beef… We could sell beef for money.We made it work… Looking back, I don’t know how.

I left the Ranch in 1977 to go see the world… And it was amazing. I swore to myself to never be without electricity or hot indoor running water again, so I set out to be an alternative energy inventor and not only learned everything I needed to know to build and maintain my own energy systems but to improve upon what ‘exists’… And I’ve done quite well.

I had lots of adventures that, frankly, people think I’m telling Tall Tales… Should write a book someday, like my Dad did. Many of the stories involve some absolutely amazing horses… Horses gave me such an ‘interesting’ childhood and without those horses I’d have been dead many times over.

Life was hard, but honest. We didn’t lock doors and we left keys in vehicles. Neighbors lived miles apart but we took care of each other and often that was the difference between life and death. A man’s word was his bond because dishonesty could literally get you killed. There were no police, firemen, mechanics, veterinarians, Doctors, etc. If something needed doing, we did it ourselves.

This is what ‘Cowboy’ means to me. And if you watch my videos you’ll clearly see that ‘You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy’. I live with the same integrity I learned as a child… And I still wear the cowboy hat.


Which brings me to Brown’s Gas (aka HydrOxy or HHO).
And Note that this was (unknown to me) the start of the path that God put me on…

I became (one of my trades) an automobile technician (on the Ranch you learn to fix most anything), specializing in fuel systems (I can double the mileage of nearly any vehicle).

n the late 1980’s I started experimenting with Brown’s Gas for combustion enhancement (onboard hydrogen electrolyzers) and made a simple system that would give an average 25% in fuel economy gain.

I then built larger electrolyzers (WaterTorches) that could produce enough Brown’s Gas to fuel (replace the fuel for) an acetylene torch.

The Brown’s Gas works MUCH BETTER as a torch fuel-gas and is only 2% of the cost, but the WaterTorches are a very expensive upfront cost (in the $8,000 range today).

Then, in 1996, an AMAZING thing happened… But I didn’t believe it at the time.

A WaterTorch customer told me that he cured a melanoma (skin cancer) on his forehead, in 3 weeks time, using a cotton ball repeatedly soaked in BG Bubbled water (that he made using his WaterTorch).

WHY ANYONE would imagine using a torch fuel-gas to heal their body was inconceivable to me. But he did. (this experiment was repeated with the same results in Germany years later).

I didn’t believe it and I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED! Because this was God telling me what HE wanted the gas to do… And providing me with a solution I didn’t even know I needed (more later).

So being an open minded inventor (Not Really) I DID tell my customers about the HEALTH potential application of Brown’s Gas… But I didn’t use it (yet).

And even though I wasn’t using the gas for health, a lot of my customers tried it and started reporting amazing results.

It took a long time for THEM to convince ME to try it for myself and I finally did start drinking the BG bubbled water in 2005 (9 years after God made me aware of the potential).

Then, in 2007, after NOT GETTING SICK for two winters (I used to ‘catch’ at least 3 colds a winter) I was convinced that BG Bubbled water was a good thing and reconfigured a Brown’s Gas electrolyzer for Health application… Making a ‘DIY kit’ and ‘assembled’ versions.

I sold hundreds of these ER50 kits and the testimonials poured in.

People started asking me if they could BREATHE the gas… And I said NO…
In my defense I knew this to be a COMBUSTIBLE and EXPLOSIVE gas and I didn’t want anyone to be hurt…

But what I didn’t think of, until a CUSTOMER sent me a video of an Asian ‘hydrogen bar’ where they go to inhale BG like we get a cup of coffee…
Is that it’s SAFE TO INHALE as long as you mix it with enough air to keep the hydrogen content UNDER the explosive limit (4% in air).

I felt like an idiot (an occupational hazard for an inventor). And I also felt badly for the hundreds of people I’d miss-advised over the years… They missed out on HEALTH that they could have enjoyed…

I started learning how to make Brown’s Gas in 1986.
I learned of the potential health benefits of Brown’s Gas in 1996
I started drinking the Brown’s Gas enhanced water in 2005
I started inhalation (breathing the Brown’s Gas) in 2016

Please Don’t be as hard headed as me.
Take advantage of this God Given technology ASAP.

My personal (to date) rejuvenation:
As I write this (January 2020), I’m 61.
You can see what I looked like in March of 2016, when I started inhaling Brown’s Gas (fast forward to 4:30)

I now look better than I did when I was 45.
A picture of me at 45 is on my YouTube header. Click Here To Check It out.

I cut out most simple carbs when my late wife first got sick in 2005.
The first ‘expression of the (we didn’t know it then) Lupus, was type 2 diabetes.
This ‘Paleo’ diet stabilized her blood sugar and I lost 30 excess lbs.
At that point I also started drinking Brown’s Gas Bubbled Water…

My late wife would never drink the BG bubbled water… It was her choice, and she did try MANY things to get well…
She was afraid of the bubbled water being a pH of 8 (we later learned that the higher pH was a GOOD THING.
At the time I didn’t know how much the HydrOxy would have helped her.

Her death almost killed me too (I literally lost the will to even breathe).

It was another really tough time for me when a customer reported a complete remission of her lupus symptoms IN ONLY 3 WEEKS… And my late wife had battled it for 10 years before the side effects killed her.

Soooo… I’d been working with Brown’s Gas technology (with various applications) since 1986… And didn’t know it was the thing that would have returned her to health until AFTER SHE DIED in 2016… I lost my wife because I DIDN’T LISTEN to the messages from God. It still hurts.

It is now my PASSIONATE DESIRE to make sure as many men and women do NOT go through the health misery we did. It isn’t only the one who is sick that suffers, it’s the support system too.

My wife was 300 pounds (from nephritic edema), had lost most of her hair (that was devastating for her) but she was blind so she couldn’t see herself (and that hurt because she was a talented multi-media artist) and was so weak she couldn’t even roll over in bed without assistance.
I became her 24/7 caretaker and couldn’t leave her side for more than 20 minutes at a time.

I’ve kept up the ‘paleo diet’… And since then I’ve never gotten sick and I’ve maintained my weight at about 190 lbs (I’d prefer to be 180 lbs).

But this is all I achieved by simply drinking the BG Bubbled Water for over a decade…
I didn’t start getting my REAL HEALTH GAINS until I started breathing the HydrOxy gas in March of 2016.

My inhalation experience:
My psoriasis on my elbows, knees and feet disappeared (baby smooth skin in 3 weeks)
My arthritis in my hands disappeared (3 months).
My tinnitus reduced by 90% (8 months)
My neuropathies (left palm and both shins) disappeared (full feeling restored over 6 months)
My hair (was grey and bald on top) is coming back, thickening and darkening (ongoing)
My heart murmur disappeared (had it since childhood) (8 months)
My warts all disappeared (again had since childhood) (6 months)
My eyesight improved to where I seldom wear glasses (wore since childhood) (6 months)
My scars have all disappeared (again had since childhood) (8 months)
My libido increased significantly (I noticed this within 4 weeks)
My muscles hardened and I had more endurance even though I was not exercising,
After breathing the HydrOxy since March of 2016, I now look like I did 15 years ago (less the excess weight and the glasses). So I not only stopped aging, my biological age has reversed.

The ‘changes’ take TIME, which is why I offer a 1 YEAR 100% satisfaction guarantee or full refund of purchase price

You can try it for a full year and your savings are safe if you don’t want it.

Personally, you couldn’t pay me $1,000,000 USD to quit inhaling HydrOxy… My health is GREAT and I enjoy life… And the studies are showing a 30%+ (up to 50%) healthful life extension… How much are a few extra decades of healthful life worth?

(about June of 2019) I got a surprise when I noticed that I was putting my socks on by standing on one foot… Without leaning on something.
And as I started thinking about that, I remembered that I’m now washing my toes in the shower without leaning on the shower wall.
And I realized that I’ve now re-acquired BALANCE that I wasn’t even aware I’d lost somewhere in the past. This is REAL brain food.