AC50 Description

The AquaCures (both models) can generate up to 50 liters per hour (lph) of mixed hydrogen and oxygen gases.  This is about 830 mL/m of 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen…

This specific mixture of gasses has MANY trade names like Brown’s Gas and HHO.
For the purpose of AquaCure we’ll call this gaseous mixture HydrOxy.

Why would you want HydrOxy in your life?
Why is HydrOxy better than pure hydrogen?

Why would you want the AquaCure over all the ‘other’ hydrogen for health options in the marketplace?  People who do the research and comparison have no problem seeing that the AquaCure surpasses all other options for practical and therapeutic use… And is less costly than many options that do not have the same safety or functional features.

The AquaCure is LOADED with SAFETY features (see below).

The AquaCure can be used continuously with minimal maintenance
(just add pure water as needed and rinse it about once every 100 hours).

The AquaCure does not have (yet) the polished good looks that many ‘other’ hydrogen for health products do.
The AquaCure ‘looks commercial’ because it is built to worldwide industrial and safety standards.  We focused our attention on achieving safety, functionality, effectiveness, user-friendlyness and durability while keeping the cost as low as possible.

Also, this ‘sales page’ was written by the inventor (George Wiseman), so it isn’t polished like ‘competitors’ websites… but you’ll get the raw, honest truth.  George Wiseman is an inventor that has 30+ years experience building the world’s most practical, safe and optimized electrolyzers.

For LEGAL REASONS we need to state up front that the AquaCure is NOT yet defined as a MEDICAL DEVICE and therefore we cannot legally recommend it for human use.
‘Legal’ uses would be for plants, fish, birds and other mammals.

Hundreds of scientific studies have proven that it is safe for plants and animals to use for drinking and breathing.  Current studies are proving that humans are having all the same benefits proven on Plants and Animals but until we get medical certification we cannot (for legal reasons) recommend it for human use.
Note: A study of all the studies (including on humans) shows NO negative side effects of hydrogen, only positive benefits.  See our full Medical Disclaimer:

The AquaCure is 110-125 VAC 60 Hz (North American standard)

IF you want a version compatible with 220-240 VAC 50 Hz,
We have the ‘240 VAC version’ in stock but this sales page doesn’t yet have that ‘feature’ as an option, so just state that you want the 240 VAC version in your order comments and the mail room will get the correct version to you.

Note that the 220-240 VAC version has a mechanical timer switch (see pictures) instead of an electronic switch because that’s the ONLY version of timer we can acquire in North America that is compatible with 220-240 VAC.  The timer switch does have a ‘continuous’ option.  It will work fine, as is, and you can trade it out for a local timer switch (if you wish) once you receive your AquaCure.


AquaCure comes with access privileges to an online AquaCure Resources (coming soon), which will give you instruction videos, tips, options and (quite frankly) anything we can think of to enhance your user experience.  The online Resources are updated as needed to assure that you will always have access to the most recent information.
Click here to see an impromptu AquaCure AC50 Setup and Operation Video.
Here is the interim Setup and Operation Manual


Warranty includes parts, labor and shipping if issue is manufacturer related.  We’ve been in business since 1984 and expect to be in business at least another 20 years.

If Warranty is invalid (because of resale or user abuse), we will still repair any issues for lifetime if purchaser pays for parts, labor and shipping.


100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We can’t guarantee any particular result because every body is different.

However, because we are SO CERTAIN you’ll be happy with this machine, we have a 100% no questions asked one YEAR money back satisfaction guarantee (from the date you receive the machine).

You don’t need to state a reason if you want to return the machine (even after used for 12 months), just ask for an RMA number and instructions to properly send it back and (once we receive the machine) we’ll refund your purchase price (shipping, taxes and duty costs not refunded).

We’ve been in continuous business since 1984 and our business reputation is impeccable.  Our customers come first!

We reserve the right to discount the refund to cover any customer related damage.  (normal wear and tear is expected and will not be discounted).
Adequately package and insure when shipping to cover potential shipping damage.


AquaCure is able to operate continuously without over-heating.  Some electrolyzers ‘out there’ can only operate for a short time (often less than an hour) without having to be shut off to cool down.  The AquaCure is designed to operate 24/7 and doesn’t even need to be shut off when refilling with water.

The AquaCure keeps it’s operating temperature below 39°C to lessen lye loss (from moisture in the gas) and increase generator lifespan.


AquaCure has a low water level switch to automatically shut off the machine if the liquid level gets low.

Running ANY electrolyzer out of water can cause electrode degradation, internal over-heating and explosions that could lead to damage and harm.
Most electrolyzer manufacturers don’t mention this issue because they do NOT have low liquid level shutoff.
They depend on you to visually check the liquid level frequently to prevent damage to the machine.

AquaCure shuts off the gas production when liquid level gets low, so no danger condition can exist.  AquaCure also has a low level alarm and indicator light, so there is no question when the liquid is low.  This feature even makes the AquaCure usable by the blind.

Low level control also allows the AquaCure to be used as an oxygen source for Mammals needing a bit of additional oxygen…
… with the additional benefit of getting hydrogen (something an oxygen concentrator or bottled oxygen can’t do).

Liquid level control is REQUIRED in applications where the electrolyzer is going to operate unattended for long periods of time; for examples:

  1. When needing extra oxygen all night (also gives hydrogen and ExW).
  2. Using HydrOxy to continuously bubble water for hydroponics / aquaponics.
  3. Automatically feeding HydrOxy to a furnace for combustion enhancement.
  4. Creating ‘NEW WATER’.  New Water is water that’s had its memory entirely erased and the things that you can do with it (like programming for health and transmutation) are astounding!


The AquaCure Model AC50 has a high water level switch to automatically shut off the machine if the liquid level gets high.

If electrolyzers get over-filled they can spit lye out into your breathing gas or drinking water.  Also the high level sensor allows for future upgrade to automatic water fill.

Over-filling can be caused by a failed anti-backfill system (check valves fail), so the high liquid level shutoff is also an important backup safety feature.


The AquaCure AC50 allows people to easily and accurately VARY the gas output. This functionality is VITAL FOR SAFETY when making and inhaling optimized hydrogen mixtures.
Most ‘other’ electrolyzers ‘out there’ do not have this essential feature.

The AquaCure model EA-H160 could safely vary its gas production, but its system (using a restriction valve) was clumsy for health purposes because it was ‘inconvenient’ to accurately measure the gas output.  

The AquaCure model AC50 made gas volume adjustment convenient and accurate with electronic buttons and display so that a person can KNOW EXACTLY how much HydrOxy is being produced… And this is VITAL, not only for safety but to individually optimize the effectiveness of all the HydrOxy protocols.

HydrOxy is 100% NON-toxic.  There is nothing in the gas that is toxic.  It could literally be breathed 100%… Except…

The problem, (that everyone else is scared to tell you for fear you won’t buy their machine) is that hydrogen (when mixed with oxygen)  is the world’s most explosive gas…
And you do NOT (I’m assuming) want an explosion in your lungs!

WE WANT YOU TO BE SAFE!  So we tell you the hard truths no one else will AND we design the AquaCure to be SAFE.

Mixtures of air that contain MORE than 4% hydrogen are potentially EXPLOSIVE.  So the SAFETY SOLUTION is to prevent breathing a mixture that contains more than 4% hydrogen

…The AquaCure AC50 is specifically DESIGNED to help you prevent breathing a gas mixture that contains more than 4% hydrogen.

Breathing some hydrogen has been proven beneficial in hundreds of scientific studies, the studies are usually done at 2% hydrogen in air; for safeties sake; and at 2% there is still a full therapeutic health benefit with NO negative side effects.
There is NO practical need to exceed 2% hydrogen in the inhaled breath.  Once the blood is saturated, you exhale almost as much as you inhale (the body just ejects the excess).

MOST other Hydrogen for Health options out there do NOT have gas volume adjustability and usually just limit gas production to less than 18 liters per hour, to prevent dangerous condition in most adults of 170+ lbs…

But ‘fixed gas production’ doesn’t address the issue that smaller adults and children (even infants) could also benefit from hydrogen supplementation and need FAR LESS hydrogen (for safety).  They breath less air, so the hydrogen volume needs to be correspondently reduced!

The AquaCure Model AC50 can have FULL GAS PRODUCTION (50 lph) for all other applications / protocols AND then the gas production can easily and appropriately be reduced to keep the mixture breathed ‘non-explosive’ for any sized ‘mammal’.


One thing that current medical science is ‘re-discovering’ is that frequencies matter.
So for those people who understand what frequencies will help their ailments, we’ve added the (electronically controlled) ability to ‘impress’ frequencies onto the HydrOxy.


The AquaCure has an advanced ‘anti-backfill’ feature, that reliably prevents the water in the Humidifier and Drinking Water Bubbler from ‘back-feeding’ (getting sucked back) into the electrolyzer upon shutdown.
Many electrolyzers do not have this feature and/or the ‘feature’ isn’t reliable.

Backfilling isn’t ordinarily a ‘big problem’ in itself…
EXCEPT it can cause the AquaCure to be over-filled, resulting in lye ejection.


We’ve added a ‘reserve’ tank to the machine, so it can operate for hours longer between ‘refills’.  This is needed when using the AquaCure for applications requiring continuous use.  At 100% gas production the AquaCure AC50 can go 10 hours on a fill; if ‘breathing’ at 40% production, the AquaCure AC50 can operate over 24 hours on a fill.

TOWER CAP pre-scrubber 
The main purpose of the Tower Cap is to prevent lye from leaving the AquaCure.  It is ‘tall enough’ that the lye mist tends to settle out and (mostly) pure gas comes out of the top of the Tower Cap.
The Tower Cap also allows you to see if you have foaming, prevents ‘plugging’ and reduces maintenance.  We’ve been using this ‘tower technology’ since 2007, based on research we did in 1996.

HUMIDIFIER (lye scrubber)
The function of the Humidifier is to filter out any residue of lye (NaOH) that comes out of the machine with the gas.  It normally does a really good job.  If there is not enough liquid or if it isn’t changed often enough, this function becomes compromised.

Even though we’ve designed the AquaCure for a 20+ year service life, all equipment needs some maintenance.  So we’ve included an hour-meter to make it easy to know when to do the maintenance rinsing, (about every 100 hours of 100% use).
The meter is designed to give a ‘true use’ reading, so if (for example) you are using your AquaCure at 25% gas production, the meter will ‘slow down’ by 75%; thus when it finally reads 100 hours, it will be ‘as if’ it was 100 of 100% hours, even if it took 400 ‘actual’ hours to reach that reading (because you were running at 25%).


AquaCure Gas Volume is sufficient (~ 50 LPH) to ‘charge’ water quickly and supports the 4 treatment protocols (plus the potential of NEW water).

You Can:
1. Bubble (infuse the water with HydrOxy) for healthful drinking and for feeding to plants and animals.  Can also be used to enhance hydroponics, aquaponics, fish growth, etc.

2. Bubble (infuse the water with HydrOxy) for topical treatment of skin issues and wounds.  Also bubble foot bath or bath water for full body treatment.

3. Bag limbs to use HydrOxy gas for external treatment of skin, wounds and various pain relief (like arthritis and carpel tunnel).

4. Direct BREATHING (inhalation) of HydrOxy gas (hydrogen / oxygen mixture), to efficiently put the hydrogen directly into the blood for fast, efficient whole body hydration.

5. There are ‘developing application’ protocols that use ‘NEW WATER’ that is generated by collecting the condensation of the HydrOxy flame.  The AquaCure is designed to ‘make’ New Water (using the correct attachments).  More on that subject will be introduced later; just note that the AquaCure is ALREADY DESIGNED for astonishing attachments to come.


AquaCure has a timer switch, for convenience and efficiency.  Treatments can be easily timed so no gas is produced beyond timing needed.  It shuts itself off when you are finished.
The timer switch also has a ‘continuous’ setting, so that HydrOxy can be produced for extended times (until the low liquid level sensor shuts it off).


This switch completely shuts off power to the AquaCure.  Most other electrolyzers only shut off the ‘power’ wire (like the timer switch would), leaving the neutral wire connected to the Grid.  For safety, we shut off BOTH the power and neutral wires.

AquaCure has long life, reliable electrical and electronic components and electrolyzer chamber.  Do NOT assume that because it ‘looks’ like a China VING, that it is a VING.  It is significantly upgraded (at a cost several times higher than the VING retail).


AquaCure is built to CE safety standards, which I’ve then UPGRADED to pass CSA/UL and Australian safety standards.
Some manufacturers try to bypass this (expensive) certification by claiming that all components used are safety certified and while this is good (if true and includes the electrolyzer chamber too), it does NOT mean that the MACHINE as a whole is built to safety standards.

There’s no USA law that states any machine needs to be safety certified to be sold, but many business insurance plans require ALL equipment used in a building be safety certified.
If there is a fire, etc. and there is a SINGLE piece of uncertified equipment in the building (even a light switch that did not cause the fire), their insurance becomes invalid, even if they had properly kept up their payments.

Besides, wouldn’t YOU feel more secure using equipment that has been completely and independently inspected, tested and SAFETY certified to rigorous industry agreed standards?

In addition to all the above, we do our OWN multi-step testing on every single AquaCure machine manufactured, so there is NO QUESTION that it will perform perfectly for you.

I just want the best for all.  I want to help people be healthy.  It doesn’t matter to me if I achieve it or someone else does.
If someone else makes a better machine than I can, beats my retail price and provides as good or better service; I swear I’ll stop making mine and recommend everyone to the better machine.
At the moment I believe I’m doing the best toward the goal of helping people be as healthy as possible…
And I will NOT (as many others do) compromise SAFETY for lower cost, even if a higher price costs me sales.  My customer’s well being is more important than money.

AquaCure model AC50 has a 2 psi electrical shutoff AND a 3 psi over-pressure gas relief.

These are IMPORTANT safety factors because when water is turned into gas, it expands and  ‘wants to’ take up 1800 times more space.  If confined to a specific volume, (enclosed container without release) the internal pressure rises until the machine bursts and/or explodes.

Since the HydrOxy is used as created, on-demand, (never stored) there should never be a case where the pressure would rise too high…

BUT what if the gas output hose gets trapped (like pinched under a chair leg, as happened to me) or gets kinked under a pillow as someone sleeps…

Further, over-pressure control (along with an appropriate torch and backfire filter) then allows the HydrOxy to be safely used to fuel a torch; a nice additional useful feature to have.

NOTE: The original basic chassis (VING) comes from China with 15-20 psi operating pressure, which is (in my opinion) absolutely DANGEROUS!
In addition, it’s mechanical pressure relief is set at 40 psi.  It’s so dangerous I wouldn’t even use it for its original purpose (acrylic polishing).
I’ve tried to tell the Chinese this but they arrogantly believe no one can ‘improve’ on their design…

Because of my DECADES of research and experience with HydrOxy, I KNOW HydrOxy is MUCH MORE explosive as its pressure rises.
At ambient pressure, a pop bottle can contain a HydrOxy explosion.  As the pressure rises, the explosion is logarithmically more powerful and at 20 psi, it’s like holding an M80 firecracker.  At 40 psi it’ll split apart a metal container.

Thus multiple and redundant over-pressure controls are important SAFETY features!

So I’ve changed the VING pressure switch to MY safety standard of ~ 2 psi, which I can do because, when combined with my other technologies, I solve all the issues that require the Asians use up to 20 psi.  I do this for YOUR safety!… And my peace of mind.


AquaCure uses a lightly caustic electrolyte mixture designed to achieve practical efficiency with minimal foaming and to promote long internal plate life.
(about 3 ounces (85 grams) of lye in about a quart (1 liter) of water).
This mixture IS technically caustic but can be safely used if appropriate care is taken.  It’s about as caustic as strong dish soap.

HydrOxy is BIG in Asia largely because of the COST to build the machines in America.  For example, this company has made HydrOxy machines since 1964 and their machines do NOT have the same safety standards as the AquaCure design.  To implement ALL my safety features, I estimate they’d need to retail their machine in the $5000.00 range.

I went to Asia and imported a ‘basic’ reasonable quality electrolyzer (known as the VING) to use as the AquaCure ‘chassis’.  Frankly because they can retail at 10% of my American manufacturing cost…
I then tear it completely apart and upgrade it with all the safety standards on this page (Standards I’ve learned from building and selling thousands of practical, efficient and innovative electrolyzers since 1984)…  It takes several hours and hundreds of dollars in parts to upgrade;
and this allows me to sell a NEW SAFER, high quality machine (which I re-name AquaCure) at $2,499.

This reasonably priced AquaCure is a ‘game-changer’ because now most people can actually afford to use the amazing HydrOxy gas safely in their own home.


We’ve been selling electrolyzers optimized for health since 2007.  We have AMAZING testimonials but don’t yet have them on this new website.  We’re working hard to get this new website fully online and will have the testimonials up ASAP.


~ Just assume what we have to say isn’t approved by ANY government agency, medical organization or pharmaceutical company.

Information and Products on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using our products. See Full Disclaimer on FAQ page.


Ask us (in separate email) about how to be a SALES REPRESENTATIVE of AquaCure.  Don’t ask such questions on your order form because the mailroom has no way to answer you.

Or, if you want to be a MANUFACTURER of HydrOxy machines (for your own business and sales)?
I can teach you everything you need to know to successfully duplicate the AquaCure machine. We would negotiate a royalty agreement that would start with an upfront deposit (Teaching Fee).


Due to (present) manufacturing development and market studies, shipped product may look slightly different from depicted.

SKU ER1-D1-0010,
24 lbs (shipping weight), 18″Lx16″Wx14″H (shipping box size),
The AquaCure itself is about 12 inches high (excluding the 10 inch Tower Cap), 12 inches long and 9 inches wide and weighs about 16 lbs in operation.

Our business is primarily based in the USA, so all orders are in USD.  But our USA facility is currently working on some R&D projects, so for now all orders are currently shipped from our Canadian facility in Ontario Canada.

I’ve done everything I can to reduce the cost of the machines and still make enough money to stay in business.  In fact you’ll note that the cost of the AquaCure is about half of many of the ‘options’ out there; ‘options’ that don’t have all the features that the AquaCure does or the ‘upgradability’… Because I’m TRYING to make the most therapeutic AquaCure affordable to as many people as possible.

NOTE: For people who find the upfront cost of our electrolyzers high for their budget, USA PayPal offers a financing option.

The financing is 6 equal monthly payments + a small finance fee.
To get the financing, just purchase the product using the PayPal option as you check out (you’ll need a registered PayPal account) and the financing option will automatically be presented to you (if you qualify) during the normal checkout (payment) process.

The ‘finance option’ is presented to you once you ‘log into’ PayPal but BEFORE you actually purchase, so you can see if you quailify before actually spending your money.

Most people who have had their ‘verified’ PayPal account for longer than 3 months will qualify for financing.

Questions about the “Bill Me Later” PayPal financing program should be directed to PayPal Customer Support at (866) 528-3733

Obviously the PayPal phone number above will give you the most updated information but here are my understandings to getting a qualifying PayPal account.
1. Apply for a PayPal account (it’s free at
2. Attach at least 1 bank account and credit card (even if it’s a debit card).
3. Use the account for online purchases (like eBay) and handling money transfers (at least a few transactions, to/from bank or credit card).  I really enjoy using PayPal, it’s VERY convenient and SAFE.
4. I don’t know how they’ll decide for you, but in about 3 months they gave my account the financing option.


ATTACHMENTS that normally come with the AquaCure model AC50.

1. Basic Setup and Operation Manual (download PDF here)
(updates, upgrades and additional information will be in the online AquaCure Resources).

2. Tower Cap (with check valve installed) + regular cap for shipment.

3. 1 of Humidifier (to scrub HydrOxy of any possible lye mist) + Humidifier attachment hose and Humidifier Holding Bracket (screws onto side of AquaCure for convenience)

4. Medium (1 liter) Drinking Water Bubbler + 3 foot Humidifier to Drinking Water Bubbler attachment hose
So you can set up to infuse your drinking water AT THE SAME TIME as safely breathing the gas.  I love doing two things at the same time 🙂

5. Additional bubbling stone
So that you can bubble the HydrOxy into other containers of water, including foot baths, etc.

6. 1 of Soft Silicone HydrOxy Spot Applicator
So you can spot treat eyes, sore muscles, wounds, rashes, age spots, etc.

7. 1 of 5 foot Accessory hose + hose adaptors
(for above Spot Applicator and remote bubbling stone)

8. 1 of Nasal Cannula for Inhalation; (also can be used for bubbling and/or bagging).

9. 1 of 50 mL syringe; to fill the AquaCure with water.

10. 1 of safety Goggles

11. 1 pair of Nitrile Gloves

12. Cloth to catch drips